Flexible Fit Equestrian Sponsored Riders

Flexible Fit Equestrian is proud to sponsor the below riders across different event catgories. If you'd like to see our bridles in action, come check out an event and watch our riders.


  • Megan Bryant

  • Krystina Burdekin

  • Sancha Butler


  • Amber Cargill

  • Kate Coniston

  • Emily Dewing

  • Kerryn Dunlop

  • Ellen Dwyer

Show Jumping

  • Sam Jeffree

  • Gayle Joyce

  • Ashley Krive

  • Danielle Leek

Show Horse

  • Sam McCrae

  • Verity Spargo-Shiner

  • Hana Thompson

  • Ben Tyson

  • Jessica Van der Vlist