Individual Component Measurements

The measurements for individual bridle parts are listed below:


The snaffle bridle headpiece has two straps on either side to allow for the attachment of the throat lash and noseband. In the case of Weymouth double bridles, there may be three straps on either side to allow attachment of the additional check pieces that are needed for the second bit. These straps usually have 5 or 6 holes in them for buckle adjustment on either side.

Please note: When purchasing a headpiece, a throat lash of the same size is included automatically.


Throat Lash

The appropriately sized throat lash is automatically included with the purchase of a headpiece, so the sizes listed here are in case there is a need to have a mixed size for the combination.




Please note that wave, V and straight browbands all have the same measurements in their respective size categories.



Cheek Piece

The cheek piece should be measured with the loop end buckled as if the bit is attached.

Please make note of the size of your bit ring, as larger bit rings will require a size adjustment to a smaller cheek piece.




Measure the circumference of the noseband, starting and ending with the buckle.

Please note that Eventer and Crank style nosebands have the same measurements in their respective sizes.




Measure the length of a single rein from the end of the bit loop to the buckle.

Please note that the bit loop should be done up as though attached to a bit ring.





Measure the length of the girth from end of buckle to buckle. the elastic of the girths is quite firm and keeps it's original tight elasticity if care is taken.