BRI001 - Black Monocrown Snaffle Bridle - Stainless Steel Fittings

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        BRI001 - Black Monocrown Snaffle Bridle - Stainless Steel Fittings

        BRI001 - Black Monocrown Snaffle Bridle - Stainless Steel Fittings
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        Price as configured: Excl. Tax: $1.00 Incl. Tax: $1.00

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        Every horse is different why should every bridle be the same?

        Flexible Fit Equestrian is revolutionising the way bridles are purchased. We allow our customers the unique opportunity of mixing and matching the size of each piece of the bridle as well as choosing from a wide selection of noseband and browband options.

        This means that you can buy a full size headpiece with cob cheekpieces. A pony noseband. A cob browband. Any combination to get the right fit.

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        Price as configured: Excl. Tax: $1.00 Incl. Tax: $1.00

        We have designed all of our bridle ranges around the concept of comfort for the horse.

        Our moncrown range offers a padded headpiece that has one singular strap therefore reducing pressure on the horses’ poll. All of our bridles have double buckle sides. This means each component, the noseband, cheekpiece and throat lash do up on both sides of the horses head. This allows for a much more even fit, and makes the bridle more adaptable. This is especially helpful if you use the same bridle on more than one horse.

        Our nosebands all have the ability to remove the flash and our converter nosebands allow for the flash and tab to be completely removed and converts the noseband to a straight cavesson. This is especially helpful as your horse moves through the training levels and may require the flash at different times. It also allows people whose horse does not require a flash at all to have a smooth noseband with no tab.

        The monocrown range is made from the highest grade of buffalo leather available. This leather became popular when English leather became largely unavailable. Many high end saddle companies started making their saddles from this type of leather. After English leather became available again, many companies retained a buffalo option as they found it to be very soft and well wearing. A great work bridle or a bridle for a young horse that is still growing.

        How it works. Click build your interactive bridle tab above. This takes you to a page where you can name and select the colour and markings of your horse.

        Hit Next or browband tab and you can then try on all of the browbands on the horse head. Click nosebands and you can start trying on nosebands with the browbands. To change browband and noseband selections simply click on each tab and you can go back and forth. Our price range starts with a plain bridle and no reins. Our maximum price is a Swarovski browband with padded leather reins with many price points in between.

        SKU: BRI001


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        Size Guide

        To learn how to measure your horse, please visit this page.

        Headpiece Pony 25 63 1/2
          Cob 27 68 1/2
          Full 29 73 1/2
          Warmblood 31 78 1/2
        Throat Lash Pony 19 48 1/2
          Cob 20 1/2 52
          Full 22 56
          Warmblood 23 58 1/2
        Browband Pony 14 1/2 37
          Cob 15 3/4 40
          Full (Wave and V) 17 43
          Full (Straight) 16 1/2 42
          Warmblood 18 45 1/2
        Cheek Pieces Small Pony 7 18
          Pony 8 20 1/2
          Cob 9 23
          Full 10 25 1/2
          Warmblood 11 28
        Noseband Pony 24 61
          Cob 26 66
          Full 28 71
          Warmblood 30 76
        Flash Pony 22 56
          Cob 24 61
          Full 25 63 1/2
          Warmblood 26 66
        Reins Pony 51 129 1/2
          Cob 56 142
          Full 58 147 1/2
          Warmblood 60 152 1/2