About Flexible Fit Equestrian

Flexible Fit Equestrian is set to revolutionise the saddlery industry.

Our main concept is to incorporate affordability, quality and comfort for you and your horse.

Flexible Fit Equestrian was created after we found it nearly impossible to find bridle wear that fit our horses well or at all and was of a comfort level that our horses deserved.

Realising there had been very little innovation in the saddlery industry for some time we set about developing products that would please not only owners, but more importantly be more sympathetic towards the horse.  We have developed a range of equestrian products that we hope will revolutionise the way they are made and sold.

The Flexi-Fit Ordering System was designed by FFE to give the customer the ability to custom build their own bridlein any size combination from our wide selection of browband and noseband styles.

Our unique Flexi-Fit Gel bridle incorporates a specially formulated padding designed to maximise the ultimate comfort of the horse. It is able to be cooled in the refrigerator to assist in the regulation of the horse’s temperature around their pressure points. This is the only bridle available worldwide with these features.

Flexible Fit Equestrian : Redefining Comfort & Quality at an Affordable Price

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